Comunitatea Identitara: “The New World Order or the Great Reset is a global agenda that can be defeated only through a Great Awakening of the European spirit”

Comunitatea Identitara, or Identitarian Community, is a Romanian identitarian organization that engages in political and metapolitical activism, as well as in charity work. We talked with them about their activities, Romanian legislation restricting freedom of speech, and other interesting topics.

Guillaume Durocher: “Ancient Greeks had a very strong sense of the importance of their ancestry and ethno-civilizational identity”

Guillaume Durcoher is an author, essayist and translator who focuses, among other topics, on history and politics. He writes for several alternative media. He has also recently published his first book, The Ancient Ethnostate: Biopolitical Thought in Classical Greece. We talked with him about his new book and current socio-political issues in Europe and the USA.

Ivan Bilokapić: “It is time to elevate our national consciousness to a broader European and civilizational level.”

Ivan Bilokapić is a Vice Chairman of Europa Terra Nostra, an organization which advocates new European nationalism and a cooperation between European nationalists in the common struggle against globalism. We talked with him about the idea of European nationalism, the main principles of Europa Terra Nostra, the complicated and sometimes troublesome history of European nations, the reasons behind mass migrations, and about other relevant and current issues

Georges Feltin-Tracol: “Saving our civilization requires a historic leap towards true European unity.”

Georges Feltin-Tracol is a French author who was a member of the think tank GRECE. He has written many books and is a regular contributor to various journals and magazines. He is also the main editor of the French identitarian website Europe Maxima. We talked with him about his years with GRECE, the identitarian ideas, geopolitics, and other current subjects.


Robert Rundo is the founder of the American Rise Above Movement, which combines physical training and activism similar to some European nationalist organizations. We talked with him about the Alt-Right, the current state of affairs in the U.S.A., about the charges and ongoing trial against R.A.M. members, his travels to Europe, and about other interesting topics.