Tradition against tyranny is a Slovenian metapolitical organization operating within the ideological spheres of Identitarian ideas and European Nationalism. We aim to present ideas and views of the Identitarian Right and to provide insight into various ideological currents, which all share the essential rightist foundations and principles, in their true forms and free from the shackles of political correctness. In this section, we will regularly publish various articles and interviews for the international audience.

Tradition against tyranny strongly supports European solidarity, as we believe it is essential that all the European nations, belonging to the same racial family, stand side by side against a common foe in the forms of globalism, liberalism, and other decadent anti-natural poisonous ideas that have infected the Western societies.

Besides the contents with the Identitarian and Nationalist ideas, we also look to publish articles concerning other topics connected to European culture, tradition, history, literature, etc.

For any additional questions and information, feel free to contact us through the contact form, or send us an email to