Action Zealandia is a nationalist organization from New Zealand which stands for the interests of European New Zealanders and promotes white identity through positive activism. We talked with its representatives about their activities, mass migrations, “white guilt” trends, and other interesting subjects.

Please introduce your organization to our readers. What ideas and principles do you stand for?

Action Zealandia is a youth-based Nationalist organization based in New Zealand. Our core idea is creating a community for European New Zealanders. We participate in public-facing activism, community-based activities, and creating online content from a New Zealand Nationalist perspective.

Our five core ideals are Self-Improvement, European Identity, Community Building, Nationalism, and Sustainability.

Tell us a bit about how do you operate, what activities do you organize and in which ways do you convey your message to the public?

Action Zealandia operates in several towns and cities within New Zealand. Local chapters largely partake in individual acts of public activities such as banner drops, postering, flyering, and stickering. We also create nationalistic content online, Action Zealandia hosts nationalistic articles on our website as well as a weekly web show ‘Voice of Zealandia’ on which we have guests and have discussions about current affairs from a New Zealand based nationalist perspective.

Which historical persons, thinkers, writers or movements influenced and inspired you the most?

We take inspiration from traditional rightist figures, thinkers, and politicians such as Spengler, Mosley, and Codreanu. A more modern figure that Action Zealandia takes inspiration from Jonathan Bowden, arguably the greatest nationalist orator in the Anglosphere past the 1950s.

Do you cooperate with any other organizations or political parties in New Zealand or abroad?

Action Zealandia is largely the only Nationalist organization within New Zealand. Older organizations such as the Hammerskins and the New Zealand National Front faded away in the 2010s. This was largely due to said groups either presenting themselves to the wider public as outcasts and not having new blood coming into the organizations.

Action Zealandia solved this problem with positive community building and regular outward-facing activism. Action Zealandia also presents white identity in a positive way as in loving your own people instead of hating others. We do however work with some of the veterans of New Zealand nationalism such as writer Dr. Kerry Bolton and former National Front organizer Chris McCabe. Both of whom have appeared on Voice of Zealandia.

How important do you believe is the cooperation among nationalists across the Western world?

As for internationally, we see cooperation as very important. Europeans all over the West largely face the same issues such as mass migration, erasure of tradition, promotion of self-hatred in the media, and financial interests being put before the interests of the people. If we want victory we must support each other and amplify each other’s message in a system where the elite are increasingly hostile to people of our mindset.

 The Current globalist establishment and the politically correct mass media are convincing white Europeans everywhere today that they should somehow feel guilty for the supposed sins of their forefathers. These “sins” include colonialism, slavery, conquests, etc. and this white guilt is being imposed even more in such countries USA, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand since it is claimed that white calorizators destroyed “indigenous peoples and cultures of this continent. What are your views on this enforcement of white guilt and what would you say to those who are convinced that you should feel guilty because your forefathers settled in New Zealand and conquer that island? 

White guilt is a tool that has been used by the financial elite for a century. Via the media, the idea that Europeans should not be proud of their ancestry, history, tradition, and culture has been successfully spread into the minds of a lot of our kin. Action Zealandia and many other groups worldwide seek to reverse that trend.

In the New World, the anti-European hatred propagated by the elite, and the media is doubly vapid. Via historical revisionism, the often brutal and savage tribes are portraited as helpless victims that had their noble and harmonious society destroyed by the violent and greedy Europeans. Nothing could be further from the truth. In New Zealand’s case, the Maori were abhorrently violent to each other and later to the early European explorers. Maori tribes routinely genocide other tribes and took part in other abhorrent acts such as torture, slavery, and cannibalism. The conditions in the early 19th century were so brutal that most Maori tribes agreed to willingly and largely peacefully to accept British sovereignty.

As time went on as the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish settlers arrived in New Zealand. It was these settlers that worked as farmers, miners, fishermen, tradesmen, and railway workers, that via their hard work, turned this untamed land into the successful country we have today. Europeans built New Zealand and we proudly stand by that fact as an organization.

Tell us a bit about the demographics in your country. What is the situation with mass migrations and how does it affect the everyday life of New Zealanders?

The demographic situation is dire. In 2019 New Zealand had a Net Migration figure of 50,800, keep in mind New Zealand had a population of a 4.9million at the time, meaning we grow by over 1% per year from just migration at that level. A majority of these migrants are from Asia.

As you could imagine this has been an absolute disaster for the average European or even Maori worker. There is a massive demand for housing that leads to skyrocketing prices, wages haven’t gone up in real terms for years and working conditions have been deteriorating. The quality of life for the average European New Zealander is far below what it was 20 years ago.

What is your opinion about Brenton Tarrant and about his attacks?

Brenton Tarrant has had a largely negative effect. Accelerationism doesn’t work as we see if we look at White South Africans.  They have mass amounts of violence directed towards them as well as a massive drop in quality of life, but instead of a revolution they just largely stay locked in their fortified houses and farms. Pointless violence emboldens the state to persecute people with a Nationalist worldview. Also, Muslims are not the single biggest issue the West faces. Islamic migration is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

How did his actions affect the New Zealand’s nationalist circles?   

The effect within New Zealand was that the police went on a witch hunt against people with a pro-white, nationalist, or even civic nationalist worldview. Several activists quit and the already in decline old right mentioned above collapsed completely. Although this was untimely, used as a weapon against us, it was a net positive as the people that didn’t have their heart in the movement were exposed as being soft and easily intimidated and the more dedicated Nationalists formed Action Zealandia to fill the void.

Do you have any kind of censorship and so called “hate speech laws” in New Zealand and did you ever had any trouble with the system because of your activism?

Hate speech laws are only against specific calls to violence within NZ. Largely this hasn’t affected Action Zealandia as we don’t see violence as a way to further our cause. Although the powers at be have been trying to modify the laws to make them more in line with hate speech legislation you would see in many European Countries. Our activism is largely guerilla activism, similar in vein to Patriot Front, that makes it hard for our activists to be pinned down by the police or detractors for anything. 

What are your future plans and what future do you believe awaits your nation and all the white nations in general?

Our future plans are to continue to grow our community and spread Nationalist ideas to the wider public. As our community of members and supporters grows, we can continue to participate in bigger and better public-facing activism, continue to propagate our ideas and worldview, and rely less on the current system in hope of changing it in the future.

If we do nothing and continue to go down the path we are going, Europeans will become interchangeable economic units that can be largely replaced by migrants within their own homeland. We plan to stand against that. 

 Thank you for the interview. Do you have any last message for our readers? 

The most important thing is for people of our mindset to get involved in creating community and spreading nationalistic ideals in whatever way they can. Regardless of country or location get involved in groups and parties that want what is good for your people. The time for just sitting behind a computer screen is over, do your part!

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