Erkenbrand is a Dutch think thank or a “study society”. We talked with its members about their ideas, metapolitics, and other interesting topics.

Why did you choose the name Erkenbrand and what is the meaning behind it?

Erkenbrand is most well known for being a figure from Tolkien. But it actually means “burning sword” or “cleansing sword”. A burning sword with a Noachide rainbow above it was on the arms of ‘SHAEF’, the command of the allied occupation of the North-West of Europe. The arms esoterically symbolized the cleansing of the North-West of Europe from the fascists who reclaimed self-determination and ought to bringing it under Noachide law. Evidently, the sword in our arms symbolizes the intended cleansing or undoing if you will, of the filth that these 75 years of Judeo-allied oppression have brought to our societies.

Please tell us a bit more about your think tank…

Erkenbrand started in the slipstream of the Alt-right movement. As it officially is a ‘study-society’ it attracted all kinds of different individuals that were connected by a certain degree of ‘Bildung’ or the ambition thereto. As time proceeded the point of focus shifted from popular internet-culture and wallowing in Spenglerian self-pity (diagnosing the patient) towards a more pragmatic study of history, philosophy, psychology, and enemy tactics in order to push the metapolitical discourse towards a direction that is beneficial to the future of our peoples (curing the patient).

Identitarian movements today are in general using a metapolitical approach in regard to their activities. How important do you think metapolitics is in the current cultural and ideological struggle between left and right?

First of all, we would like to make the metapolitical statement that we distance ourselves from the left-right dialectic as our enemies are cherry-picking all the arguments of what is considered left and right that are detrimental to our people while neglecting all wholesome arguments. This leaves us with endless free-market capitalism and Randian individualism from the right combined with government financing and promotion of a liberal lifestyle, being all that ‘feels good’ regardless of the long-term effects. The result is an egocentric society without any economic security full of broken families, violence, substance abuse, and longing for instant gratification. The left rightfully blames the right for being individualistic egoists only cleaning their own lawn and lacking communal-responsibility, whereas the right rightfully blames the left for being lazy and impulse-driven and refusing to acknowledge common causalities, in group-preference and race. A metapolitical approach removes these toxic prerequisites. An even more important metapolitical prerequisite is that, while the European peoples are being harmed, replaced, and stripped from their civil rights all over the world, they cannot enter a shop to buy a newspaper or watch a movie without being shamed for an event that is at least disputable. This event creates another metapolitical prerequisite for many people that makes them believe that even if their peoples are being attacked from every side, it is unacceptable to organize as whites. It is therefore very important to us that these metapolitical prerequisites are removed from the political discourse so that normal people can see what we see. Whereas our enemies do everything to keep these metapolitical prerequisites in place and do not recede to even enforce that by law.

What can you tell us about your activities?

Whereas Erkenbrand has subsections dedicated to books, martial arts, hiking, traveling, and studying certain topics our conference is our most important event. Every year we welcome around 200 guests from all over the world to socialize, exchange ideas, and dining. Among the guests that attended are Spaanse Kraag (2016), Roger Devlin (2016), Millenial Woes (2016, 2017), Jared Taylor (2017), Robert Steuckers (2017), Greg Johnson (2018), Frodi Midjord (2018), Kevin MacDonald (2019), Mark Collett (2019), Nikolai Nerling (2019) and Hervé van Laethem (2019).  

What is the current political climate in the Netherlands and what is your opinion about Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom?

Currently, there is a lot of discontent among the Dutch people. Most of them feel that something is not right but they cannot put the finger on it. While watching football and television they are captured in a fraudulent and superficial dialectic of curing the one evil with the other. We as Erkenbrand see it as our task to guide these people out of the dark. The truth may be inconvenient but frees those that know it from the slumbering torture of cognitive dissonance. Geert Wilders, like Thierry Baudet, is an Israel-loving fraud whose only task is to give people the false hope that there is a democratic solution. Meanwhile, Wilders’ party evades all responsibility in governing the country and practicing realpolitik whereas he insults Muslims with empty one-liners that have nothing to do with good statesmanship. Whereas Wilders is meant for the working class, Baudet is a gatekeeper for the middle-class that seeks alternatives for years of conservative governments only resulting in open borders, disastrous privatization of vital state-owned companies, and a judicial system that is laughable to every criminal. 

What is the current situation regarding mass immigration in the Netherlands and what is the attitude of ordinary people towards migrants?   

As Moroccans and Somalians are one of the most aggressive and least adjusted to the western way of life it generally is quite accepted among the Dutch among friends or after some drinks to talk negatively about them. In our opinion, however, their aggressiveness is not relevant. All migration on a large scale or from non-western countries is subverting our culture, downgrading us into a people of rootless bastards and destroying our social cohesion and common value system. From this perspective, it is even better to have Moroccans or Somalians since their painful presence in our society makes our people more aware of the problems and less probable to breed with them or to let them attain positions of power. In the end, it doesn’t matter If your daughter breeds with a cashmere wearing Indian with a physics degree or a gun-wielding Somalian with a criminal record. Somalia and India are what they are because of their racial stock. No sane man that wants his shepherd dog to produce a future generation of shepherd-dogs lets his dog breed with a Pitbull. 

What do you believe are the main goals of the globalists that are pushing mass immigration in Europe and how can we resist their plans most effectively?

Google: “Karl Marx Revue de Paris”. Regardless of whether it is a forgery or not, that describes it quite accurately. It is our belief that resisting their plans can be done to build a movement whose members offer guidance to those that need it, whose members speak the truth but always adjust it to the sensitivities of the target-group and whose members are model citizens thereby living a meaningful life and their opinion being valued in the eyes of the brainwashed.

While many identitarian movements will steer clear of any connections with NS or Fascism, you offer on your website, among your reading recommendations, a list of fascist literature and also a list of literature regarding the Jewish role in the subversion of the West. How important do is their role in that regard and how do you view the various fascist movements of the 20th century?

8. We believe that organized Jewry is the primal force subverting the west. The struggle between Jews and whites goes way back. Examples are the Jews of Alexandria opening the gates for the Romans and the Jews of Toledo opening the gates for the Muslim armies of Ariq ibn Ziyad. Other races but also sins within ourselves such as lust, greed, sensitivity to the substance have always been weaponized by them. It is a pitfall to focus on the weapons and not on its wielder. The fascist movements from the 20th century were able to dismantle these subversive powers from within. This resulted, especially in Germany, into undisputed wealth to the people whereas the rest of the world was still in a deep crisis. This was the best promotion for National-Socialism and something world Jewry could not accept. But it is not impossible that we will rise up again looking at in what 75 years of victory of the others have done.

You have stated in the description of Erkenbrand´s official twitter profile that you believe in the self-determination of all peoples, including white people. Please tell us a bit more about this…

We believe that civilizations that white people built have no equal and produced the most refined pieces of music, art, architecture, social code, and engineering. This however does not mean that we want to reign over other races as our enemies try to make the world believe. A Bantu-African totally adjusted to the landscape surrounding him can live a worthy and beautiful life to be respected by every man and woman regardless of its race. But handing an AK47 to this man or shipping him to Paris is a crime against both him and the French. It is just as immoral as letting a child play with an AK47 or take a child away from its parents. The lie of multiculturalism and racial equality is nothing more than a war strategy of our enemies. It strips all peoples of the world of their self-determination and thereby true diversity of the different human species.

How strong is the cultural Marxist propaganda on Dutch universities?

Our universities have been infested with cultural Marxists since the sixties. A relatively new problem is the influx of underperforming international students that, if they are from the EU are heavily subsidized while Dutch students are turned down.

Are there any “hate speech” laws in your country and did you ever had any troubles in that regard?

If someone from our circles gets convicted for a thought crime it usually happens through the law prohibiting discrimination by race. However, as common with a terror regime, convictions are inconsistent. Luckily, they are also rare, probably since the Netherlands has a tradition of relative freedom. This resulted in a ‘live and let live’ mindset towards vices such as drugs and prostitution but also towards different opinions. Dutch ZOG however, as in other countries, tries to push for strict hate speech laws regardless of this tradition.

How important do you think is for different European nationalists and identitarians to cooperate with each other?

Cooperation is good to build a network and to exchange strategies and ideas. Also, our enemies try to divide us and an international network of people in the know may help us frustrate these tactics. On the other hand, we still find ourselves in a political sphere that is up against a system that is much more powerful and uses infiltration tactics. As long as that is the case one should be aware that centralization and interconnection also make our organizations vulnerable.

Thank you for the interview. In the end please tell us what do you think the future holds for the Netherlands and Europe?

I think that at the moment there are so many uncertain factors that play a role in the faith of western civilization, Europe, The Netherlands, say the future of white people that it is hard to make a prediction. It seems that our enemies see things the same way, which is why they are so aggressively censoring and pretending white supremacists are everywhere causing havoc whereas this is not at all the case. But since this is a war of ideas and most people are so brainwashed, it seems that it has to become worse before it gets better. Post-BLM and Corona madness we found that people in our circles are being asked for their opinion by normal people more frequently. The cognitive dissonance for these people is very extreme whereas we seem to be the only ones who do not seem confused or surprised by all that is happening.

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