Non-governmental organisations and their impact on the state

As of May 2021, there were 27,868 registered NGOs in Slovenia, with the number of NGOs increasing by approximately 500-1000 each year. All this “NGO management” is costing Slovenian taxpayers €372.12 million a year. This amount is the amount of public funds that NGOs receive from the budget of our country, and it is increasing every year in parallel with the number of new NGOs. The average amount of budget receipts per NGO per year is therefore €36,965.00, and there are currently 3,000 people employed in NGOs in Slovenia.

Perhaps now is the right time to ask: What do Slovenians get for all this money given to NGOs?

While there is no disputing public funding for NGOs that actually work in the public interest (firefighters, disability associations, sports associations, associations to help young people in need), in this article we will focus on the NGOs that first come to mind when people who have been following developments in Slovenia and around the world over the last few years think about when hearing the word NGO.  We are, of course, talking about those NGOs that contribute nothing to our country, or, on the contrary, that are trying to cause the collapse of traditional values in our society, spreading decay, smuggling non-Europeans into our society, trying to change it demographically, and, in the long run, destroying it.

 The answer to who is being served by such actions will be found in the founder of the first NGO in Slovenia (the Open Society Institute, later renamed the Peace Institute), the Hungarian Jew Gyorgy Schwartz, the notorious philanthropist, financial speculator and ambassador of globalist interests, who makes his money by destroying homogeneous peoples and countries into which his tentacles have penetrated.

In our country, his international organisation is said to support 39 initiatives, associations and organisations such as: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Amnesty International, LeGeBiTra Centre, KROG Institute, Institute for African Studies, Institute for Romani Studies, Ethnic Studies and Migration, Kranj Students Club, Pride Parade Association, Movit Na Mladina, Youth Council of Slovenia, For and Against (ZIP), Red Cross of Slovenia, Roma Association of Slovenia, Web Eye, KUD France Prešeren, Young Liberal Democrats (MLD) and Peace Institute. The latter is carrying out numerous activities, various “borderless games” to support migration, promoting “multiculturalism”, supporting globalisation, fighting against “politically incorrect” speech and censoring Slovenians through social networks in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV)

 In a broader sense, it is clear that organisations founded and funded by globalists are pursuing and implementing the agenda of their sponsors, but what does it all look like on the ground or in practice?

In recent years, there has been a trend whereby NGOs founded by globalists are increasingly funded directly from the budget of the country in which they operate. This is made possible by the executive government through various calls for tenders and projects, so it is understandable that NGOs support the political option that favours them and uncritically distributes taxpayers’ money to them time and time again. Here we come to a critical contradiction or schism, since NGOs like to present themselves as an apolitical “civil society” acting in interest of the people, but in reality they are just an extension of the politicians who distribute funds to them. This is not about ideology, it is about money.   When a favoured option is in power, NGOs express their support for it online, creating a false consensus and an illusion of support, while at the same time agitating hostilely against anyone who they think might deny them budget funding in the future.  On the rare occasions when the left-wing option showering them with taxpayers’ money is not in power, we can observe mass mobilisations, protests, panic, all-out war and hysterical attacks by NGOs to get the politicians who give them money back into power. At the same time, they shout loudly about “standing up for democracy” and fighting against the alleged “tyranny of fascism”, which is absurd in itself – for them, democracy is just a marketing name, a disguise to hide the fact that what they really want is a tyranny where only they are always in power.

 In any case, there is a growing scepticism in our country towards the work of NGOs, and people are also becoming more and more aware that NGOs are in many cases destroying our society, poisoning our youth, importing migrants into Slovenia, spreading the idea of false egalitarianism, gender theory, propagating unnatural sexual practices, debauchery, attempting to destroy traditional values, and are, in fact, a parasite that is drinking the blood of its host and is slowly killing it.

It is good to know that our opponents are primarily motivated by money, with ideological orientation coming second, if at all. Once we realise this, we can see that, despite their great financial resources and organisation, they are essentially powerless. The more the truth about their activities is revealed, the more people turn away from their poison and the less willing they are to submit to their agenda.

Slowly but steadily, the realisation is spreading that the rainbow merchants, despite their sweet words and pretty disguises, always leave only depravity, destruction and misery in their wake.

Our strength lies in the fact that no one is prepared to die for money and globalism, but millions and millions are prepared to fight and, if necessary, die for their nation. This is something that the globalist will never understand and this is the reason why he will lose.

More and more people are being encouraged and, even in the light of recent events (the Hungarian law banning the promotion of LGBT propaganda for children and adolescents), are raising their voices for a normal, traditional, value-integrated and healthy Europe. The European renaissance is happening now. Join it!

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