Much has already been said and written about racial nationalism, both by some of the most talented authors and activists on the Right, who helped formulate and define it, and by our opponents on the Left, who are currently in charge of our schools, universities, media, entertainment, and other opinion molding institutions in the West. In the following article, I would like to write down a few of my thoughts about racial nationalism. Although they might not be something completely new or something that hasn’t been said before to a certain extent, they still may be of interest to those who are in the process of being “red-pilled” or are just curious about this worldview. It may also prove interesting to those who have already answered the call of blood by joining the fight for the survival of European peoples.

Racial nationalism is not so much a “doctrine” or a complicated set of ideas, as it is a simple recognition. It is the recognition that humans are different, and that one of the main things that make us different and diverse is our race, which doesn’t only determine our skin color, body built, skull shape and similar physical or genetic traits, but also plays a major role in our mental capabilities, in our behavior and in the way we think and experience the world around us. It also recognizes the fact that these differences are natural and therefore something to be cherished, not something that we should discard or overcome. It is the acceptance of the diversity of our planet, and most importantly, of natural laws, that govern it. On the other hand, it is also an awareness that because of this human diversity, different races can be most prosperous if they are allowed to develop according to their capabilities, shaping and keeping their traditions, cultures, identities and the way of life that suits them best. That is why racial nationalism sees the ideal world, not as some multiracial utopia, but as a world where different races can cooperate, trade, or deal with some potential environmental issues that affect us all together, while at the same time living in their respective homelands, each on their own, not mixing, but living in tune with their specific characteristics and capabilities.

In other words, racial nationalism is a worldview that didn’t only spring from human thoughts but has its foundations firmly based on the eternal laws of nature. It is the ideology of nature, a formulation of natural laws and cold hard facts which are true for humans as they are for any other creature on this planet. Its emergence as an ideology or a worldview is rooted in the fact that in contemporary society the above-mentioned recognition and awareness about our differences, about the reality of race, are not only being pushed aside and frowned upon, but are close to being outlawed in many Western countries. During the previous centuries, these differences were as clear as day to people most of the time, and a sense of racial belonging was present in societies at large. Even a brief study of European history will show us that our ancestors were well aware of these facts. Unless of course if this studying consists of watching “historical” documentaries on Netflix or reading the latest “historical” books written by some cultural Marxists, whose real goal is the deliberate distortion of the past 1. In the homogenous societies of the past, the people were, even subconsciously, aware of their racial belonging, of their heritage and common bond that united them. Today racial nationalism holds its ground and slowly gains support across the West despite the attempts of the Left to smear, outlaw, censor and destroy it. It is, in fact, a reaction (but not “reactionary”, of course!) to the subversive actions of the predominantly Jewish members of The Frankfurt School and their “long march through the institutions”, by which they succeed in turning our institutions and even ourselves against our own history and our race. These forked tongue “intellectuals” have learned from the experiences of their predecessors, which were kicked out of various European countries more than a hundred times, that for them to succeed in weakening the white race and taking over the control of the West, they must first weaken our sense of ethnic belonging and loyalty to our own people. They have taken over the means by which they can mold public opinions, distort the past and convince us all that we should feel ashamed because of the actions of our ancestors.  They have poisoned the well from which we drink with excessive individualism, cultural nihilism and relativism, liberalism and other decadent ideas, and now they are in the process of poisoning our gene pool by promoting miscegenation while convincing us that we should except our own demise with joy (since no whites means no more evil racism), and sacrifice ourselves on the altar of multiculturalism for the sake of some alleged peaceful multicultural global utopia. Judging by the constant reports about violence, rapes, and attacks committed by the culturally enriching nonwhites from the streets of once-great European and American cities which are now turning into multicultural slums, that utopia is currently impossible.

The only way this “utopia” can be achieved is by total miscegenation and erosion of any kind of national, cultural or racial identity that should be ultimately replaced by some sort of liberal “progressive” values and cosmopolitanism. This would, of course, mean the death of any sort of diversity, for which the chief supporters of mass immigration and the followers of the Frankfurt School are supposedly fighting for. In this case, racial nationalism becomes the real defender of true human diversity as it stands for the preservation of all the different peoples and their unique racial and cultural characteristics. The leftists, liberals and other self-proclaimed champions of diversity are, as we know, always accusing nationalists and identitarians of being racist (a word used so widely and extensively that it has lost any kind of real meaning or worth) and hateful towards other races and peoples. However, it is actually them who are spewing the hate against whites any chance they get, trying to erase every trace of European culture or distort it until it will fit their multiracial agenda. In addition to this, most of them believe that all the nations of the world should abandon their traditional cultures and identities and accept universal “progressive” values, liberal democracy and the cult of consumerism. In fact, they are not advocating for any kind of multicultural world, but for the destruction of all cultures so that one global culture, based on consumerism and liberalism, could spread in every corner of the world.  Racial nationalism on the other hand respects all the races of this planet that are created and molded by nature and stands for the preservation of real global diversity. It believes, as was said, that all the peoples and races of this planet have a right to self-determination and to their own homelands where they can develop according to their own capabilities while keeping their own traditions, cultures, identity and a way of life that suits them best.

Racial nationalism does not see other races as the enemy but recognizes those who spread the false ideas of egalitarianism and cultural marxist poison as the enemies of all races. It is ethnopluralist and not supremacist, as the media servants of the globalists are trying to convince us.

It respects other cultures while trying to save and secure the future for its race and the nations that are a part of that race. It differs greatly from all the petty nationalisms of the past, rejecting any kind of chauvinism that led to many wars in which the brave sons of Europe were slaughtering each other, mostly for the hidden interests of the international bankers, who have stirred wars and hatred among Europeans for their own benefits, while at the same time financing revolutions and subversive movements to weaken our race from within. Furthermore, racial nationalism goes beyond the nationalisms of the past, by recognizing common bonds between the (in our case) white nations, seeing all of the European and European-descended peoples as different branches of the same tree, sharing the same roots. Nationalism in general means being aware of the fact that your nation is your extended family, meaning that you should guard your nation and care for your people just as you care for your immediate family. Racial nationalism takes this one step further, understanding that this extended family reaches beyond the borders of one´s nation. It includes other white nations whose cultures, customs, traditions, and languages may be different but still belong to the same tree, to the same family, sharing the same racial, and in many instances, cultural roots. Because of that, it urges us to fight together as white Europeans, not only for the sake of our nations but for the sake of our race. Racial nationalism motivates us to work together for the rebirth of the West. It is thus the nationalism of the twenty-first century, the nationalism of the new era in which we fight against the globalist Hydra that has many heads like liberalism, cultural Marxism, mass immigration, excessive individualism, universalism, and consumerist capitalism, all of them belonging to the same body.

As nationalism for the twenty-first century, racial nationalism is the only healthy alternative to this decadence and decay that we are currently facing. Following the eternal nature’s laws, its aim is the preservation and revival of its nation and of the race to which it belongs. Caring for the well-being and preservation of one’s nation and its unique characteristics and defending a nation’s right to a homeland, culture, tradition, and identity, while at the same time respecting and recognizing the same rights for other nations and races, is the essence of true nationalism. Everything else is just lies born out of ignorance or out of fear from this idea of racial nationalism, which can lead to the rebirth of Europe and the West as well as to the preservation of the rich cultures, traditions, and accomplishments of the Germanic, Slavonic, Roman and other white nations of the old continent.

 For detailed accounts about this distortion of history, see Dr. Ricardo Duchesne’s book Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age ( London: Arktos, 2017)

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