Robert Rundo (Rise Above Movement)

Robert Rundo is the founder of the American Rise Above Movement, which combines physical training and activism similar to some European nationalist organizations. We talked with him about the Alt-Right, the current state of affairs in the U.S.A., about the charges and ongoing trial against R.A.M. members, his travels to Europe, and about other interesting topics…Read more

Action Zealandia

Action Zealandia is a nationalist organization from New Zealand which stands for the interests of European New Zealanders and promotes white identity through positive activism. We talked with its representatives about their activities, mass migrations, “white guilt” trends, and other interesting subjects…Read more


Erkenbrand is a Dutch think thank or a “study society”. We talked with its members about their ideas, metapolitics, and other interesting topics…Read more

Askr Svarte

Evgenij Nečkasov, also known as Askr Svarte, is a Russian Odinist and a Traditionalist, who has written various books on the topic o Pagan Traditionalism and The Left-Hand Path in Germanic-Scandinavian tradition. He is also a founder of a pagan community Svarte Aske, a publishing house Svarte Publishing and a Chief Editor of the Warha publication…Read more